Foraging and Fermenting: Heritage Week 2022

Ireland’s hedgerows, meadows, woodlands, and fields host an abundance of trees, brambles, wild plants and curated walled gardens. Recent scientific studies have shown that what our ancestors always knew was indeed correct: there is healing in the hedgerows and medicine in the meadows. 

Taking a hands-on approach this event will identify various trees and plants, edible and non, that commonly grow across the island. Returning to cultural heritage and wisdom, aided with modern discoveries, we will forage through the traditional hedgerows and understand the benefits of each plant, berry, or haw. We will explore the basics of implementing these natural remedies into our lives through, tinctures, elixirs, oxymels, herbal infusions, topical infused oils, and the drying and preservation of plants. Opportunities for questions, discussions and demonstrations will make these common cures accessible to all. Themes will also focus on biodiversity, rewilding, curated herbal and flower beds, ethical foraging, and sustainable practices built within seasonal harvesting. Participants will discover the wealth of wisdom growing all around us.

We will finish with tea and a chat at the newly opened Plein Air Café

Dates: 13th, 14th, 18th, 19th & 20th August

Times: 2-4pm

Please book by 12th August as numbers limited.

Bring walking boots, a rain proof layer, secateurs, garden gloves and a basket to collect samples 

Price: €20

Weather dependent, non-refundable. Date will be rescheduled

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