Cafe des Artistes

To celebrate the extraordinary legacy of female artists who lived at Hamwood and the close ties with France that the Hamilton family have enjoyed over generations , we give you Cafe des Artistes. The characterful courtyard where once the carriages were stationed , has been lovingly restored and will hold musical , artistic and mindfulness events , and many others throughout the year. Come and enjoy our coffee from the renowned Watermark brand , take a Keep cup and have a wander around the beautiful gardens and along the woodland trail. A great adventure for the kids and a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the 60 acre grounds. OPENING THIS WEEKEND SAT 13TH AUGUST . Bring your friends to celebrate the start of HERITAGE WEEK !! See you then !

There will be various seating areas along the trail where one can sit in quiet contemplation, listening to the many sounds of the trees and birds etc or have a good old chat with your companions while enjoying a sumptuous cappuccino or whatever takes your fancy.
There will be afternoon tea provided on Sundays and we also propose to have designated picnic areas which will be booked in advance.